Baby Acne

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Baby acne is common in newborns; sometimes you may see them as early as shortly after birth or 2 months of age. The baby acne might even last to 6 months of age. What cause the unique skin condition may start with the environment or hormonal changes in the infant. They can look like little red bumps on or around the face, back, legs and even the arms.

Things that you shouldn’t do are use oils, creams, or even wash the child’s skin too much. Washing the child’s skin may make even more irritated. The best method would be to wash with a mild baby soap such as “JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® Baby Wash” then lightly pat dry the child.

You might want to seek your pediatrician if the acne last for a long period time to see whether or not the child has baby acne or it may be totally different skin condition all together. The child have a skin condition called eczema, but only your doctor may determine that.


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