Mineral Makeups for Rosacea

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Mineral makeups, although slightly more expensive, offer an excellent alternative to rosacea sufferers. Mineral makeup is as pure as it gets — void of talc, chemical additives, fragrance, fillers, preservatives and dyes, it’s an excellent choice for rosacea skin care. Growing from a need for cosmetics gentle enough to use on skin after chemical peels or resurfacing treatments, mineral makeup is made from finely crushed, high pigment minerals. It has virtually no allergy risk and will not clog pores or irritate sensitivities. And because minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are used as the base, these cosmetics are loaded with natural UV protection. “The beauty of mineral makeup is that it can be used by all ages and all skin types,” explains Kathy Krakora. The light-reflective properties of the mineral powders actually draw attention away from fine lines. Zinc oxide, one of the base minerals, is anti-inflammatory, which means it calms the skin down. So it’s perfect for people with blemishes, rosacea, oily skin, dry skin or for immediate post-treatment use.” And because it is talc-free, mineral makeup actually holds in moisture, keeping skin hydrated and averting wrinkles. A little goes a long way. All makeup is not created equally and because mineral makeup is in such a pure form, there’s no need to use as much of it as regular makeup. “Three words,” Krakora says, “Less is more.”


Rosacea and Diet

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Rosacea results from an overly acidic body and skin, which can be caused by a number of factors including physical activity, stress, environment, and perhaps most importantly, diet. Some types of food and drinks, such as meat, cheese, alcohol, and stimulants like coffee and cigarettes, form acids when processed by the body. Other foods, primarily fruits and vegetables, are alkaline-forming, which helps to neutralize acids. By following a healthy diet rich in alkaline-forming foods, you can balance your body and reduce your rosacea symptoms while improving your overall health.

The rosacea diet page at the Rosacea-Ltd web site will help you select alkaline-forming foods. You don’t have to avoid acid-forming foods entirely; just be sure to balance the acids with alkaline.  And be sure to drink plenty of water!  Water is pH neutral, and is essential for the body to function.  Though your sense of thirst decreases with age, remember to drink at least eight glasses of water every day for your health.