Rosacea, Pearls, Bones and Teeth

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And YES, rosacea can be “treated, controlled and reduced” as you will learn of better alternatives than living with rosacea. And you never thought there was a relationship between rosacea, teeth & bones. And can there be any imaginable relationship that pearls have with vinegar, teeth & rosacea? Think through the following wager that Queen Cleopatra’s had below with Roman Mark Anthony that stole his heart and was probably the most expensive meal in the history of the world. There within you will see how pearls can be dissolved and imagine that bones likewise can have their mineral content reduced thereby placing the body in a weaken state of metabolic acidosis.

Around 41 B.C. Mark Antony, of Rome, requested that Queen Cleopatra VII to come to Tarsus, Turkey for an inquiry of the conspiracy of her knowledge and assistance to Cassius and Brutus in their assassination of Julius Caesar. Also Mark Anthony wanted Cleopatra for an ally for future military campaigns and maybe he thought he could care deeply for Cleopatra. Upon Cleopatra’s arrival, she set up large feast with many guest at her expense to smooch with Mark Anthony to embrace her political ambitions. Cleopatra went further with a wager with Mark Anthony that she could host in his country the most expensive meal in the history of the world. Mark Anthony accepted but at the end of the meal, he exclaimed that it had been very nice meal, but no more fancy than others and cost no more at which time Cleopatra took off one large pearl ear ring and dropped in into a globlet of wine vinegar. The estimated value of the one huge pearl was worth today a huge fortune.

The point is that a high price was paid to win Mark Anthony over. And likewise we pay a high price to have our teeth and bones dissolved over time due to acidic foods and drinks that would be somewhat equivalent to vinegar which is most acidic.

Pearls are composed of minerals much like the teeth and bones. Vinegar is an acetic acid which will dissolve pearls which are mostly calcium carbonate.

Bones and teeth (which are just specialized bones), are composed of 70% hydroxyapatite, a mineral which includes calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, calcium hydroxide and citrate, while the remaining 30% are organic compounds of which 90 to 95% is collagen, the rest being non-collagenous proteins.

Blood cells are produced by the marrow located within our bones. An average of 2.6 million red blood cells are produced each second by the bone marrow to replace the weathered red blood cells. Our bones serve as a storage area for minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. When an excess of minerals are present in the blood, buildup will occur within the bones. And the opposite also occurs, when the supply of these minerals within the blood is low, it will be withdrawn from the bones to replenish the needs of the body organs inclusive of the brain and the skin. Thus the visible organs of the body which are the eyes and skin and the invisible organs of the body including the brain will make a withdrawal from the body’s bone account just as you would your own financial bank account. And now you will understand that our bones are an organ not only to support us but to protect the vital internal organs and also to be a storage area for building up and withdrawals of vital nutrients & minerals as well as the production of red blood cells. You can enjoy more life and you will have plenty of life to enjoy in further years with less or no rosacea if you can imagine this. Yes, there can be more happiness after you have taken the correct steps at reducing your facial problems through the best rosacea treatment.