Posted in Rosacea at 12:38 pm

In our society today we have a tendency to want everything bigger, larger and more of it. This has led to an economy that’s imploding upon itself. The same thing is happening when it comes to the treatment of our skin. If a little is good, then we deduce that a lot must be better. This theory has brought us to a point where we have upset the balance of our skin. The skin condition deteriorates and we take an even more aggressive approach to the treatment of the condition. We create a condition in which the skin can no longer sustain itself in the environment we have created for it and it collapses in much the same way the economy has.

The need exists to create an environment that sustains the skin and allows it to thrive. Ask yourself, what are the basic requirements for survival? Water, air and nourishment. These are the basic elements are skin also requires.

If our skin is depleted of water, it reacts in a number of ways:

1. The skin may produce more oil to attempt to replace the protective barrier that keeps out bacteria and germs. When our skin is oily we often abuse it by trying to strip off the oil with harsh astringents and toners. We create a never-ending cycle that keeps getting worse. Again bigger, larger and more causes that implosion of the skin’s balance.

2. When the skin is dehydrated it appears drier, wrinkles become more pronounced. Again we over do it and think if we can just peel or exfoliate this layer of skin off we will have some new skin we haven’t damaged yet. But a lack of hydration will affect even the lower layers of the skin.

The solution is simple – re-hydrate the skin. The world needs water to survive and so do we. Our skin as the body’s largest organ is the first to show the signs of stress from a lack of water.

If our skin lacks the nourishment it requires it reacts in many subtle ways. You can’t feel hunger pangs in your skin but the signs are there – pimples, acne, redness, itching are all indicators that your skin is lacking a basic nutrient. The balance is upset and the skin is trying to find a way to correct the problem. We need to listen to our skin and create a proper pH balance instead of over-reacting and over-medicating which only makes it worse.