How Alkaline is your Water?

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As people grow older they may feel a reduced sense of thirst, but the need for alkaline water is just as great (especially for rosacea sufferers, as the skin is the first casualty of long-term dehydration). The average person should drink at least ten glasses of water per day (more if you are a larger person, living in a dry environment, suffering from rosacea or other skin disease, or doing something taxing). Alkaline water helps to neutralize acids that are produced by the body as well as acids ingested as food or beverage. The higher the alkalinity (pH) of the water the better, and a pH of at least 7.2 is ideal.

Unfortunately, many bottled waters are acidic because it prolongs the shelf life of the product. The pH level of bottled waters can be found at the mineralwaters.org international listing. Additionally, the Rosacea-Ltd web site has some suggestions for increasing the pH of your drinking water.

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