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Rosacea-Ltd IV

Rosacea-Ltd IV will improve the appearance of Rosacea!

Rosacea-Ltd IV will improve the appearance of all the rosacea symptoms for the patient better than antibiotics, retinoids or exfoliants medications without injury to the skin. This allows for faster healing of the skin to start immediately with improvement normally being seen with several days. Then over the next few weeks for even more improvement of the skin so that the rosacea patient appears normal and does not have to continue to have rosacea problems as they previously thought.

Most customers notice changes in the condition of their skin within a couple of weeks and always very noticeable changes well within two to three months after starting Rosacea-Ltd IV. If you would like, send us a facial photo with your order by e-mail or US Mail. More importantly take a photo now of yourself so you can compare your rosacea skin in 2-3 months by taking an after Rosacea-Ltd IV photo. We believe you will be quite pleased at the difference. We have found the two-disk system to be most beneficial with the light tan application used during the day (as shown in the picture) and the yellow/white application used at night.

Our team of Rosacea Researchers with 40 years of collective research led by a Johns Hopkins MD, have confirmed that rosacea is an immune system disorder. The "good rosacea news" is that your Rosacea Flushing Bank Account can be "balanced" to prevent overdraw or going into "red or flushing".

You can make sure that your water and many foods are alkaline by purchasing pH paper at most drug stores at a cost of $12 to measure the pH of the water, drink or foods. Your urine should be in the 6.6, 6.8, and up to a 7.0 pH range most often as the culmination of the body process. As you can imagine if you drink and eat many acidic foods, the result will be deterioration of the skin, body organs & bones.

All organs are affected be a break down of new body cell as well as skin cell regeneration. In addition to skin rosacea, many patients report cardiovascular, digestive, musculoskeletal system with resulting osteoporosis and arthritis, rheumatism, and the immune system. "Rosacea is more than a red face."

For more information, please review our rosacea, acne rosacea, and ocular rosacea web site at: www.rosacea-ltd.com.

Acne-Ltd III

Introducing Acne-Ltd III, a new formulation by Bass & Boney, Inc. that improves the appearance of Acne!

Acne-Ltd III will improve acne prone skin without the negative side effects of Accutane, antibiotics or retinoids acne medications. Initial studies performed on acne test subjects demonstrate and 98 percent of previous Acne-Ltd III users confirm that Acne-Ltd III will improve the appearance of facial redness (erythema) and acne pimples and pustules.

Many with acne have been very bothered and very irritated for a long time with their poor treatment from prescription medications as well as a variety of acne treatments in their attempts to get rid of acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and acne pimples. Their goal has been to find "The Acne Cure" for teenage acne, adult acne, cystic acne, acne vulgaris, clogged pores and/or acne scars.

For more information, please review our Acne-Ltd product website at: www.acne-ltd.com

Dermatitis-Ltd III

Finally, a successful way to improve the beauty of your skin while improving the longevity your skin's!

Dermatitis-Ltd III will improve the appearance of various forms of dermatitis. Within this website, we are providing information for those with eczema and psoriasis. Most products for eczema or psoriasis usually have side effects of being messy, smelly or thinning the skin such as steroids do and still do not solve the problems and often complicates the psoriasis or eczema even further causing even months to return to normalcy.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that affects over 6 million people in the United States. It is the result of hyper proliferation of the epidermis, concomitant inflammation, and vascular changes, which occur based on combined genetic and environmental factors. This condition presents itself equally in men and women and is rarely life threatening.). Psoriasis appears most frequently between the ages of 15 and 35, but it is possible for it to occur very early or very late in life. Some people may experience limited psoriasis while others may experience more widespread psoriasis.

Cellulite-Ltd III

Improve the appearance of your cellulite with our new, top of the line product!

Cellulite is no mystery. The skin simply looks different because of how it is arranged. Everyone has strands of connective fat tissue that separate fat cells and skin. In women, these fibers form a honeycomb-like pattern, so any increase in a given area tends to bulge. You don't see cellulite in men very often as their fibers run in a horizontal, criss-cross pattern that prevents bulging or dimpling. There are two reasons: 1) It's because tissue changes. Those strands of connective tissue thickens with age, and our skin gets thinner. 2) Most importantly, the average woman loses 5 pounds of muscles and replaces it with about 15 pounds of fat every decade of her adult life. As fat is exceptionally soft, it doesn't keep our skin taut like muscle does. Fat also takes up more space than muscle so it bulges out like cottage cheese.

Cellulite-Ltd III will improve the appearance of cellulite while providing you the extra confidence to enjoy your social and personal life. A good nutritious diet and exercise always helps improve the cellulite skin with the additional bonus of a healthier body and more beautiful skin. With some a little exercise and with a good nutritional program which will actually lower your food cost per month, you will be able to achieve an improved skin condition, weight loss, and better health. Just click on the "blue links" on the left to learn more about Cellulite-Ltd III.

Eczema-Ltd III

Eczema-Ltd is dedicated to helping you to find new and novel ways to treat and control your eczema!

Eczema is a skin disease which affects approximately 26 million Americans(Dermatology Times, Oct.1998). Eczema is characterized by a rash, dryness of skin, itching, and redness of skin (Rouse). It occurs due to the overproduction of damaging inflammatory skin cells and continues to worsen as a result of certain factors in the environment. Foods, shampoos, soaps, laundry detergents, synthetic fabrics, stress, and temperature changes are capable of irritating already existing eczema (Dermatology Times, Oct. 1998). Although this is a chronic skin condition, there are various treatments and interventions available to help control eczema. It is a hereditary condition and thus is not contagious to others. The terms eczema and dermatitis are used interchangeably. Within any disease there can be a wide range of severity. This is the case for people with eczema. Some people may have only a small patch of affected skin while others may have larger patches all over the body. An individual may experience one mild incident while others experience chronic severe incidences. The affected skin is very sensitive and the individual must be aware of the trigger factors and try to avoid them. While eczema can vary in its level of severity, it can also differ according to the type that the individual has.

Psoriasis-Ltd III

Psoriasis-Ltd is a blend of soothing, beneficial minerals specially formulated to work synergistically with your skin to improve the appearance of psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a non-contagious disorder which affects the skin. As a result, itchy, scaly red patches appear, often on the elbows, hands, feet, and scalp, but they can show up on other parts of your body. Usually, what happens is new skin cells take about a month or so to move from the deepest skin layer where they're produced, to the surface where they die and flake off. With psoriasis, the entire skin cell life cycle takes only days.

Prosiasis-Ltd III is a blend of soothing, beneficial minerals specially formulated to work synergistically with your skin to improve the appearance of psoriasis and psoriasis-related conditions. Psoriasis sufferers have seen an excellent improvement in the appearance of their skin condition after stopping their psoriasis treatments and applying Psoriasis-Ltd III. We have found that most of our customers have become frustrated by spending many years and dollars in their search for the best psoriasis treatment. We are now in our seventh successful year of serving psoriasis sufferers throughout the world. Over 98% of Psoriasis-Ltd III users report great satisfaction with the condition of their skin even where psoriasis problems were present for years. Psoriasis-Ltd III does not stain clothes or bedding, does not smell, and dries invisibly on the skin in less than one minute.